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Why BottleLoop?

We make it easy for you to offer recycling at your business and ensure today’s bottles get turned into tomorrow’s

How It Works

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pricing may vary depending on distance to nearest recycling center, quantity of material, and other factors

What's included?

  • Reliable, professional collection of recyclables
  • Simple scheduling tools & SMS status notifications
  • Complete traceability of materials
  • Shareable impact reports

Why you'll love it

“We save money on our waste bill and keep materials out of the landfill — it's a win win. Plus, the experience for our staff is simple and efficient. Highly recommend.”

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is Replenysh?

Replenysh is a trusted PepsiCo partner and a critical part of the PepsiCo BottleLoop program, enabling the convenient and traceable collection of recyclable materials.The Replenysh collection network, powered by technology, ensures materials recycled through the program are kept out of landfills so that you can support consumers as they look to make a positive impact on the environment.

How do I sign up?

Sign Up Here. The Replenysh team will reach out to help set up your account and confirm details about your service.

What materials can I recycle through this program?

Plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers are accepted.

Will I need to sort materials prior to them being picked up?

No. We will collect all the items placed in the PepsiCo BottleLoop recycling bins and we’ll handle the sorting for you.

What is included in the cost for being part of the PepsiCo BottleLoop program?

By signing up for the PepsiCo BottleLoop program, you’ll receive recycling bins to provide convenient recycling to your customers, on-demand collections, access to an online dashboard so that you can easily manage pickups, as well as impact reports that detail the amount of material recycled at your location(s).

Will being part of the PepsiCo BottleLoop program reduce my waste costs?

We cannot guarantee that this will lower your existing waste bill, but in many cases, by recycling more materials and providing customers with a convenient option, less material is put into your dumpster — which can lower your overall costs.

How long will it take to get bins for my location?

When you sign up for the PepsiCo BottleLoop program, let us know how many bins you need. Depending on your location, the delivery of bins can take between approximately 2-6 weeks.

How much does it cost to be part of the PepsiCo BottleLoop program?

Standard collection costs start at $9.25 per pickup, though pricing depends on a number of factors including pickup frequency, material volume and the distance from location(s) to the nearest recycling center. Detailed quotes will be provided as part of the sign up process and before service begins.

How will I be charged and how do I pay for the service?

Invoices will be sent on a monthly basis, and all major credit cards or ACH are accepted forms of payment for service.